Analisis Makna Kata Enak dan Kuchi Sebagai Polisemi (Kajian Linguistik kognitif)

As a system, language consists of several elements or levels that form a complete construction. These elements are sounds or phonemes, morphemes, words, phrases, clauses, sentences, paragraphs, and discourses. Furthermore, these elements can be studied through the branches of linguistics that have been available in accordance with these elements. This study aims to determine the classifcation of the meaning of polysemic meaning "enak" and to investigate the classifcation of Polysemi meaning of the word kuchi (mouth) from the point of view of cognitive linguistics. The research method used is qualitative descriptive (descriptive research) by recording from several references. the technical method and data collection are carried out using the listening method and tapping technique, while the advanced technique is a note-taking technique. From the results of the study, it was concluded that the word tasty not only means the delicious taste of a food that is felt by the taste buds, but also the feeling felt by all members of the body and feelings. The word kuchi not only has the meaning of an oral cavity, but it can be interpreted as a good deed that is good or bad, and can also be interpreted as a job seeking activity Keywords: cognitive linguistics, fgure of speech, enak, kuchi (mouth)